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The United States Must Not Give Up

Excerpt from How America Got It Right, by Bevin Alexander, page 250

It is inconceivable that the United States, after having conquered Afghanistan and Iraq and driven al Qaeda into hiding, will give up with the job half done. In Afghanistan we must establish order. In Iraq we must prevent the Shiites from setting up an Iranian-style tyranny, the Sunnis from reimposing a dictatorship, and both from oppressing the Kurds. Beyond Iraq, we must track down and kill terrorists wherever they exist. We must keep Iran from building an atomic bomb. We must force North Korea to give up its nuclear program. We must stop these and any other rogue states from selling weapons of mass destruction to terrorists.

These are black-and-white issues for the vast majority of Americans, notwithstanding complaints from the far left. Just as America has gotten it right throughout our history, our government is getting it right today. The leftist critics have got it wrong—because what they are hoping for, peace without a price, will never come to pass on this earth.

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