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We Must Limit Occupations of Rogue States

Excerpt from How America Got It Right, by Bevin Alexander, pages 233-34

The circumstances in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrated an important truth: It’s easy to topple a dictatorship, but it’s impossible to impose political solutions by military occupation. Therefore, as soon as we have achieved a military victory in a rogue state, we must launch as equitable a domestic government as we can, bring in the United Nations to handle peacekeeping, and limit our occupation to the shortest time possible.

After the terrible experience of Vietnam, the American public will not tolerate an extended guerrilla war with steady, unrelenting casualties and no clear exit strategy. In the face of daily attacks on our troops, the American people will rebel if asked to accept a long-term occupation that requires the painstaking creation of democratic institutions, constitution, elections, and government. Such a process is unrealistic.

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